Trios: A National Provider of Facility & Property Related Services




The Trios Group is committed to employing and developing high quality individuals who complement and can enhance our ongoing business plans. If you feel that you have the necessary qualities to become part of our vibrant and exciting team, then please email our personnel department with your CV.

Equal Opportunities

Trios Group feels it is imperative that all employees, regardless of level of responsibility within the Group, are given equal opportunities regardless of their sex, marital status, race or religion, in all aspects of employment and training. The Group is committed not only to comply with U.K. legislation, but also to the promotion of equality of opportunity in all fields. Trios Group feels that this ethos improves the working life and motivation of all staff and ensures a contented environment to work within.

Employee Rights & Benefits Policies

Trios Group has adopted a positive commitment to the promotion of the individual employee, focusing strongly on “cradle-to-grave” training programmes. RRR – Recruit, Retain and Reward are our Key Indicators. In our opinion, employees are an organisation’s most important assets. To be successful, it is vital to pay attention to the needs of individual employees and to the maintenance of good employee relations.

Recruitment: All new employees complete a Group Induction Process and are encouraged, supported and socialised into the business.

Retain: All employees have regular review meetings and annual appraisals to discuss their performance and set objectives for the coming year, together with a programme for individual training needs.

Reward: Recognition and further advancement play a major role in a continued successful working relationship between Employer and Employee. Successful application of the above procedures ensures professional conduct from all employees and continues to contribute towards client satisfaction. By implementing policies or procedures, following consultation with employees, the Human Resources Department provides a framework for management decisions and contributes to fair and consistent employee relations.