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Trios Group CSR

Trios are extremely conscious of our need and responsibility to contribute to the preservation of communities and the environment, both locally and in respect of our overall UK-wide business.

The group vision is to ensure that all company processes limit the impact that operations have on both today’s communities, and those of future generations – and indeed wherever possible, they will add further value.

We recruit and employ in and around the communities to which we deliver services, investing in local people and developing their potential to the full.

CSR Policy

Trios Group has developed a formal CSR policy as one integrated, operational document which sets out clear, target-orientated objectives which apply across the whole of our business. As a group document there will inevitably be areas that are more relevant to one Group Company than another.

The policy covers the following areas:

  • Planning for a Sustainable Future
  • Environmental Policy & Objectives
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Training & Personal Development Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Employee Rights & Benefits Policies
  • Social & Community Policy
  • Business Growth Objectives & Targets
  • Quality Policy

Download Trios CSR Policy (577KB)

All Group companies are accredited to both ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our philosophy is that all companies abide by and adhere to the same qualitative and environmental processes. Record keeping and KPI measuring is reported upon at group level and responsibility for ensuring compliance to CSR issues is maintained is taken at Main Board of Directors level.

Social and Community Engagement

A key part of our CSR policy is a group-wide commitment to contributing to social improvement and quality of life with local communities. Trios Group seeks always to create opportunities for local employers and those who are actively working to create inclusive opportunities in their locality (such as training and long-term unemployed placements and use of local material suppliers).

In addition to this, we recognise that achieving a positive placing within the industry requires engagement with our own social commitments. We regularly contribute to both client and employee activities for charitable and sponsored events. We believe that by donating to such events our organisation can play a small part in enhancing the lives of others.

Supporting Action for Children and The Brain Tumour Charity via The Big Match event

Recently, we are proud to have supported Action for Children and The Brain Tumour Charity via The Big Match event - with a combination of sponsorship and staff activities - assisting them in raising almost £30,000.