Trios: A National Provider of Facility & Property Related Services


A safe approach

Triosgroup Company History

Our approach to Health and Safety underpins every aspect of our service delivery.

Our Group is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and we will as a minimum, follow our registered processes and procedures.

Responsibility stretches throughout all levels within the organisation, including at main board, where ultimate responsibility rests with the Managing Director. Our team, led by a dedicated Health and Safety Director, delivers a comprehensive approach to training and supervision, from a new employee’s initial training, through tailored development in line with an individual’s job, to director level responsibilities. We remain dedicated to the health and safety of our people and those who come into contact with our activities, whether customers, suppliers or members of the public.

The prevention of accidents and ill-health is one of the most important duties of all our managers, supervisors and staff because:

  • We do not want any employee or other person to suffer as a result of our work.
  • We intend to comply with all health and safety legislation.
  • We recognise that accidents, unsafe and unhealthy working conditions can be a considerable drain on the financial resources of the Group and demonstrate a lack of efficient management.
  • To reduce risks, we plan our activities through our integrated Quality Management System.