Trios: A National Provider of Facility & Property Related Services


Prevention & Reduction of Risk

Trios Group Company History

We are proud of our health and safety record throughout the business as a whole. Over the past ten years, we have been able to reduce our accidents – both Non-reportable and Reportable – through analysis of individual accident types and causes; leading to the subsequent implementation of changes in our procedures and training to address these findings. It is our intention to continue to monitor these trends to ensure a sustained reduction throughout the group.

All our work is undertaken in accordance with our Trios Group H&S Policy and safety procedures, which are well understood by all our employees and sub contractors.

Our own working procedures relating to safety include, but are not restricted to:

  • Setting-up work activities safely
  • Housekeeping and self-management at work
  • Safe handling of tools, equipment and materials
  • Substances
  • Electricity
  • Work at heights
  • Site and workplace security

In order to proactively manage the prevention of accidents in our business, we are audited on site both externally and internally. All major project works are notified to the Health & Safety team, and are managed by contract managers or supervisors who have responsibility for safety on their sites.

All gas and electric works are audited, as a minimum, by a paper audit by the relevant Qualifying Manager (Gas Safe or NICEIC) whilst reactive jobs are sample audited by a combination of Contract Managers or Field Supervisors.