Trios: A National Provider of Facility & Property Related Services


Health & Safety Training

Trios Group Company History

All Managers, staff and operational employees are trained to be aware of their particular responsibilities in regard to Health & Safety and the welfare of themselves, other employees under their control and the wider general public.

In order to ensure a high level of quality and safety is exhibited upon employment, all employees undergo induction training incorporating a series of core CITB approved modules, which include:

  • General Hazards
  • Working in Occupied Buildings (customer care)
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Access / Work at Heights
  • Manual Handling
  • Health Hazards and Special Risks
  • Personal Protection (PPE)
  • Fire Prevention and Control

New Employee Training & Induction

Before becoming operational, each employee will receive a one-to-one training induction in the Groups, Health & Safety Rules and Safe Working Practices. No new employee will be allowed to become operational until a Manager, competent in Safety Training, has confirmed that the new employee understands the Company's Safety Rules and Safe Working Practices & Procedures.

Management Health & Safety Training

All our senior staff who are involved in project management have attended the CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme.