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Trios Security forms partnership with Bavak PAS Group to extend automated Speed Gates offer

1 September 2016

Trios Security forms partnership with Bavak PAS Group to extend automated Speed Gates offer

Trios Security - a division of leading national property services and facilities management provider Trios Group - has teamed up with Bavak PAS Limited - part of the Netherlands-based Bavak Security Group. This association will see Trios offer a UK-wide sales, installation, repair and maintenance service across the extensive range of Bavak automated Speed Gate products.

Bavak Security Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of perimeter security equipment and integrated security management systems. The robust and high quality construction of its precision-engineered products features electronic controls that are compatible across its range: from the ‘B-Access’ systems designed for private garages or car parks, through to the ‘B-Secure’ and ‘B-Protect’ systems that are targeted at more sensitive and secure locations, such as: harbours, police stations, prisons and other secure sites. The B-Protect range also features a bullet resistant option, suitable for government or defence locations.

Trios Secure will use its extensive network of mobile engineers and surveyors to offer a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service for the extensive Bavak Speed Gate range, with many of the products suitable for a number of its current customer sites.

Managing Director of Trios Secure Mike Delaney said: “We had been researching the market for a range of high specification perimeter security systems featuring the latest technology for some time. As Bavak has been developing its perimeter security range for more than 40 years and is a market leader in this sector, combined with our UK wide installation maintenance and repair capability, we are now able to provide our customers with a great product together with a full support service.”

Jan Moberg, Managing Director of Bavak Security Group, concurred by saying: “We were looking for a UK partner that could promote and support the technical aspects of our products that are designed for secure and sensitive locations. We have to ensure that our customers have confidence, not only in our products, but also in the team that is responsible for looking after them and with Trios, we know they will benefit from an efficient and top quality service.”    

Trios Secure offers a complete technical support, consultancy and installation service across the current Bavak Security product range and, when special circumstances dictate, can also offer its customers a bespoke, specially designed system.

Full details and downloadable technical data sheets covering the Bavak Security Speed Gates range are now available from the Trios Security web page.

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