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The main principles of our Environmental Policy

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Our policy provides a structured method for assessing risk, identifying requirements, establishing control procedures and monitoring performance; therefore minimising any risks in relation to its operational functions.

The Group will ensure that pollution prevention is carried out by means of risk assessment, and controlled procedures shall be implemented as required for minimising any pollution to air, land or water.

The Group shall eliminate, reduce, reuse or recycle waste as practically as possible. This shall be through ensuring accurate specifications and bills of quantities, storing unused materials for future use and through recycling of any products for which there are recycling facilities – for example, fluorescent tubes, paper, paint and other building materials.

The Group conserves energy within its own premises and advises all employees on ways this can be instigated. The Group takes into consideration the environmental impact of materials, services and goods that are used in our sphere of operations when selecting suppliers and products, and ensures that they fulfil their obligations in regards to environmental issues.

Further details about our Environmental Policy are available on request.